Monday, July 4, 2016

The post in which Abby and Gail ply you with chocolate and are endorsed by John Cusack**

Welcome to Team AbbyGail, the middle grade Pitch Wars mentors you know you want! Why? Because John Cusack says so.

Here, have some chocolate and stay a while . . .

mmm . . . chocolate . . .

"Hello, I am John Cusack, and I say that you should choose Abby and Gail as your very own middle grade Pitch Wars mentors. Because they'll get you. Like me. I get you. Here, please stare into my gorgeous brown eyes, listen to Peter Gabriel sing 'In Your Eyes' and remember that I, John Cusack, love you and your MG manuscript (yes, even if you are a married father of four), but not as much as Abby and Gail will love you and your MG manuscript."**

**Abby and Gail do not speak for John Cusack, nor are they endorsed by the actual John Cusack. But they like to think he would if he met them.

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